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Al Mal Capital
Al Mal Capital


Phone: +971 4 360 1111

Address: 48 Burj Gate, Downtown Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Office 901, P.O. Box 119930, Dubai, UAE.

About company:

Whether it was timing, your work and due diligence or structuring, your successes were born from an idea.

At Al Mal Capital, we are also driven by ideas. Through technical knowledge and understanding to execution, we turn investment ideas into reality. But we not only work to understand market trends, but you as well. We believe in a relationship that actively engages you. Managing market conditions, portfolio expectations & risks – we at Al Mal capital strive to prosper with you.

This is possible by nurturing a team of astute and technically sound account managers & financial advisors. A team grounded with a high sense of responsibility dedicated on earning your trust.

Our approach is simple. You.

2 responses to “Al Mal Capital Review”

  1. Al Mal Capital is a secretive office and don’t think that it’s all for nothing. I myself fell for what was said here, and it was not worth doing it. Scammers and rely on beginners. They shake money out of them like stupid Pinocchio. And now think about how to return the funds that you entrusted to these scammers. They really deprived me of all the savings, collected them for several years, and lost them in just a couple of days (((

  2. Making money with this company is simply unreal!!! I tried, did everything that depended on me. And if the broker was adequate, it would have already turned out to be a good plus. However, here, just before the order is closed, the breeders set up a “boom” and you go into the red.

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