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  1. What the hell is this?????? I did everything that the manager told me, and then they abruptly blocked me and said that I had violated the terms of the contract. no one really explained anything, just this message came and that’s it. How can I withdraw the deposit??? I didn’t understand anything at all, what happened … this is a scam, right?

  2. You can not even hope for any conscience of Allianze. I am still in shock because of what these scammers have done. They took my mom to the hospital and they don’t give a damn about anything. Somewhere they took her number, called and began to say that in partnership with the savings account they were holding a promotion – like you can deposit some amount into the account and pick up doubled in a month. I have it advanced, so I immediately went to the site and saw that not a word was said about investing, it embarrassed her. I called the same manager who contacted her, and he began to say that they did not specifically write about this on the site, since this service is only for the lucky ones, and she was one of them. Allegedly they used a random recruitment method. At first she deposited 10 thousand, and a week later they told her that she already had 13 thousand in her account, so it’s better to deposit more, and at the end of the month there will be a good amount. And then it started … she transferred all her savings to them, and when she started calling a few days later, they did not pick up the phone. I called from my number after she told me, a certain Oleg picked up the phone and said that we don’t know anything about this situation. We filed a complaint with the police, but everyone says that it is of little use.

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