ATX Market Review

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Address: 20 Fenchurch St, London UK
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Brokerage innovations for private and corporate clients
Our brokerage company MARKET BY ATXmarket provides the fastest trading using modern technologies. No delays in the execution of orders and the most accurate quotes. Our marketplace and customer support service is available 24/7. We are constantly adding new financial instruments so that you can trade and earn the way you like.
We are trusted by more than 110,000 customers – the highest value for our company
Our marketplace was created for the widest possible audience. Experienced traders and investors have been convinced for all the time that we do not draw quotes and they converge with the supplier as much as possible. And the beginners who used our platform learned how to work with modern financial instruments and quickly began to develop their financial skills and earn money in the first days!

3 responses to “ATX Market Review”

  1. Contacting ATXmarket was a big mistake. Despite a tolerable minimum wage, I was persuaded to transfer $2,000 to my account. It was my last money, so there were a lot of hopes for the project. And later it turns out that these are scammers known throughout the Internet, who were deprived of domestic licenses and they do not fulfill the terms of the concluded agreement at all. As I feared, it was not possible to transfer the money back. It’s a shame. Don’t repeat my mistake.

  2. I never thought that I would contact and suffer from scammers. I was not familiar with the broker before, I was invited through OK. I didn’t get it at first, but they showed screenshots of solid payouts, so I took the plunge. I started with 1500 bucks, in theory, in more than a month I had to recapture the amount in full, but this never happened. It turned out that it is impossible to withdraw anything from ATXmarket, you can only deposit it into your account. I tried to withdraw $ 100, but the application was never considered …

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