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Bitfinex – the exchange has been operating since 2012. In terms of the volume of trading transactions with cryptocurrency, it occupies the fourth position in the world ranking. Supports 133 currencies, three of which are fiats (EUR, USD, JPY). The platform offers margin trading with a leverage of 1:3, as well as OTC trades and trading based on derivatives. For transactions, Bitfinex takes a commission of 0.02-0.2%, depending on the total amount of trades made by the trader. Topping up the balance with cryptocurrencies is free, with fiats – 0.1%.

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  1. It is so typical that there are no problem when you wants to invest and deposit money.
    But as soon as you need verification it is such a troubling process.
    I have now sent them 10 different ID informations, and the are just sending the same mail over and over again, with the same replay.
    So typical…

  2. I honestly don’t know who would ever use Bitfinex, everything about this exchange is downright horrible. Terrible interface and user experience, highly illiquid cryptocurrencies, withdrawal is a huge hassle and processing time takes forever. I opened an account in an attempt to arbitrage the price of LUNA from different exchanges only to find myself waiting 12 hours and counting for the withdrawal to be processed, during which the price of LUNA has cratered 50%. Customer support does nothing to help and just tells you to wait longer. This has to be the worst crypto exchange in existence, no way to sugar coat it.

  3. How can I verify my account when it won’t pass the stage to upload my ID
    I have tried and tried for days still no success
    Why won,t the app verify my indenty and take me to next stage for a selfie instead it’s just stuck on ID for day’s

  4. Don’t waste your time and money, among all other platforms I have used so far Bitfinex is the worst, with very high deposit, withdrawal and trading fee. I transfered $MATIC coin from Binance and never received it, contacted support teams and it has been under review for ages. It seems never resolving. If you still join Bitfinex trust me it is going to be worst one you will come across. I should have checked the reviews before dealing with Bitfinex

  5. Bitfinex is a SCAM, they have been holding my withdrawal in deadlock for over a weak, there SUPPORT needs to be followed up two to tree times to get any response. STAY AWAY, they take your Crypto but they don’t pay your Crypto back!!!

  6. Of all the crypto site globally, I find the support and customer service of bitfinex the best and the fastest!! Unlike others they don’t take weeks and weeks to help customers with lockout or access issues, its the best customer service I’ve experienced in years !!! Keep it up bitfinex… v v happy that I choose your platform for trading !!

  7. I made a fiat deposit on 12th April and it is still pending til today(27th April ; #318059). The reply from the help center is quick, but they just saying “Once we received their reply, we will keep you updated.” repeatedly.

    I recommend do not deposit USD to Bitfinex.

  8. I am agree, they’ve been hacked and now the only concern is security. There is no minimum effort into customer experience, there is layer after layer, after layer on top of another layer of security. They require to upload pictures with your signature, date, note, family, neighbour and so on. Absolutely obbsesed with security. There is no customer experience in this context. There is a fact that if opened account on desktop there is no chance what so ever to sinchronize with the app. How ridiculous is that!

  9. So many entities trying to drag Bitfinex’s name in the mud, yet all of them fail. As a regular trader, most of the claims are flat out lies, made by people who clearly have never used the exchange. Only negative so far is the verification time, a week to get KYC taken care of is a bit too much.

  10. Literally copy pastes of each other, with slight modifications. Most likely trying to spread FUD on one of the best exchanges in the market. Now with Borrow, Finex is going to also be leaving it’s mark on the crypto lending market.

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