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Coinsbit is an Estonian cryptocurrency exchange. It was founded at the beginning of 2018. The legal entity “Coinsbit” is EXRT Services OU. The organization is registered at Narva mnt 7, Kekslinna linnaosa, Tallin, Harju maakond, 10117. is on the 18th place in the rating of crypto exchanges according to the Coingecko resource. We expressed our utmost interest in this matter. After a short analysis of the company’s activities and feedback on its activities, we are ready to share our opinion in this review. Overview of the cryptocurrency exchange “Coinsbit” At the end of 2019, Coinsbit became a competitive exchange, now it can “compete” even with the top representatives of the financial sector. The daily trading volume of Coinsbit averages $1,400,000,000. However, according to customers in their reviews, this figure is significantly inflated. Every month, the official site is visited by traders more than one million times. Coinsbit news can be followed in today’s popular social networks:;; The official website of is quite simple. From its main page, you can go to any section or tab of the site. Navigation through the resource is very convenient and does not require any additional knowledge. There are no extra buttons in the interface, and there are no flashy titles in the landing page. This fact inspires confidence. is translated into 14 languages, including Russian.

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  1. Multiple KYC attempts failed!!
    Even after using a pro photographer to take my selfie, they keep saying my text is unreadable. They have no intention of ever releasing my funds.
    DO NOT USE!!!

  2. I deposited 5000 usdt it change in PLCU in fraction of second i lost my money,its totally unsafe exchange only theft my coins don’t use this exchange anymore


    Opened an account in 2019. continued to add funds, when I tried to withdraw funds every obstacle was placed in the way to the point, was unable to get any money back. Last week received a marketing email, I responded asking how I could get my funds back. Again nothing changed just excuses, including stating I have the wrong company. All original correspondence was covered and published in the UK Financial Times paper at the time. Date of experience indicates last email correspondence. Sad thing is all these positive posts have yet to withdraw money?

  4. Hello, While depositing with ADVcash to Coinsbit wallet Oct 14, 2022, 21:50 , the wrong currency was specified by mistake. Sent USD Coin TRC20 to my USDT TRC20 wallet.
    On October 15, I contacted the support team. I was informed that the technical department will deal with my issue. And on Oct 17 I found a message from the support service in my mailbox so that I could check my balance. It turned out that my problem was successfully resolved. I am grateful to the entire Coinsbit team for their well-coordinated work and efficiency!
    Kind regards

  5. I have not been able to withdraw my money from the coinsbit exchange for 3 months. Support does not respond for a long time, and exchange chats are redirected to email. I know that some of my friends still have a withdrawal, but after learning my story, they all withdraw their money from the coinsbit exchange.

  6. Please never ever use this coinsbit of a thing. It’s nothing but a scam. I have money that I cannot get out despite doing their verification. Only scammers would do that.


  7. 4 days ago i send many LTC to Coinsbit to buy PLCU. My LTC hasn’t appeared and support keep fobbing me off even though you can see it has gone through to Coinsbit. I have now missed out on my purchases and no resolve in sight. Never had an issue before in the past 3 months. Only used this site as it was for PLCU. Customer service is robotic. What is to fix if you can see all the transactions to Coinsbit…

  8. disastrous exchange … 0 support, they are like robots repeat the same 2 words and when they have nothing to add they just finish the chat ..

    They don’t want to give you your crypto .. they just stop to talk to you ..

    Don’t trust this exchange .. unsafe place

  9. i am pradeep nigam my problem
    for last 10 days i am unable to reach kyc 3 step..only i can go upto 2 step..i hv written mail to support team many times but no response..i hav crypto balance in the same account..i want to sell mey crypto..but due to kys not cleared i m unable to do so…i m stucked in step 2 of verificatin for many days
    plz help

  10. NO WHERE does it say that KYC is required for withdrawal. I deposited thinking I would be able to withdraw without KYC, later did I know that they’re scammers and have locked my tokens from me. They don’t try to say that they’re banned in the US either, not even in the terms of service.

  11. As of right now, my account is awaiting verification, this is the second time as it failed without reason the first time. I sent €130 worth of Bitcoin from my coinbase to coinsbit account. Coinbase verified with me that I should have received this transfer as I checked addresses and everything were correct. Coinbase said to reach out to coinsbit and I am now waiting on a reply. I will rate 5 stars and update this review the second I get my money but until then stay away!!! CONTACT ME COINSBIT

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