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About company:

eToro has been operating since 2007. The company has offices in several countries around the world. Supports trading in securities, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, precious metals and other assets. Has licenses issued by the government of Cyprus and the UK. The minimum deposit at eToro is $200. Supports margin trading with a maximum leverage of 1:30. The exchange has a social trading service.

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    Don’t trust them they are fake company, with fake promises, they will convince you to invest your hard earned money with them, don’t be fooled by all these scam investment brokers and account managers, i was scammed $70,000 worth bitcoin of my investment capital, they kept on requesting for extra funds before withdrawal request can be accepted and processed, at the end i lost all my money,. All efforts to reach out to their customer support desk was declined, i found it very hard to move on. Luckily I came across a comment on a recovery website that recommended a funds recovery expert on binary/forex and bitcoin investment recovery expect, from DARKTRACER (.) DIGITAL immediately through his email address and explained my issues with my investment broker to him, God so kind, him and his team worked relentlessly to recover my funds, and was able to build a case on the scam broker with the information I provided about my trading experience and my funds refunded back to me within a week interval, i was able to get access to my funds back with his help, I still can’t believe how possible it is to get my invested capital back, including my bonus with the company. I know some people must have been a victim of any scam investment broker. I feel obligated to recommend him and his great funds recovery strategy, feel free to reach out to him if you having issues withdrawing your funds, via his email address: INFO (@) DARKTRACER. DIGITAL, and he will guide you on steps to take and get your invested capital including your bonus refunded back to you. Good luck

  2. Etoro has been very good in the beginning but i was given some hidden charges which does not say well. Reliancecx. Com has been my goto trading with daily instant payout.

  3. They are giving me NO bonus even though I deposited over 10k and bought crypto, also when you place and order its automatically purchased for you at a higher price than the market, does not seem legal or fair STAY AWAY OM ETORO

  4. Hello! I started investing with eToro a few months ago. I probably sent around 30k to eToro in several transfers. Few weeks ago, for reasons out of my control, one of the transfers I sent was returned to my bank. I asked eToro about what should be done, and right after that they limited my account. They said I should proceed with the transfer once again, but the support manager probably was in a huge confusion as my account was still limited for both… deposits and withdrawals.
    By the way, I’m a Platinum member and I’m supposed to get priority support assistance, but that’s just a huge lie. It’s just a marketing trick. No priority and actually no Support at all.
    Although my account was fully verified and I provided them with every document they asked for, I’m waiting for around 3 weeks for some assistance in this matter, with no success.
    My account is limited, with over $19,000 in balance, with no option to withdraw my money in any way. Not even to trade.
    You’ll probably ask me about support assistance? Or even about Support Manager and Priority (as advertised)?
    That will be a good question, as I can say that even if I asked to close my account or to leave me to cash out my money in some way, there is SILENCE. I only receive some template messages asking me to wait and to thank me for understanding. WHAT? Are you kidding with me?
    Is there any reason for them to hold my money for that long? I owe them anything? The funds are just in my Dollars balance. They are using my money to make profit and there is no sign about getting my money back.
    INCREDIBLE! Right?
    STAY AWAY from eToro if you want to use your money. Is easy to send them the money in the first place but it becomes impossible to get your money back.
    I’m begging them for my money. That’s not “cool” AT ALL.

  5. The website go off and you can’t stop your trade or open new trade.
    If you do it twise because its not working its makes 2 orders.

  6. They took my initial investment. Then stoppped me trading until they validated my profile. They wouldnt accept my drivers licence as ID although their own emails say a drivers licence is accepted. So I was stuck. Generic replies to my emails and complaints and then they mark them as solved, this is more than incompetance., its intentional. Dont give them your data or your money. They stole my money and my stocks, liquidated them but now apparently my profile is 95 percent complete so it looks like they eventually accpeted the Id, but my investment is gone and my account is at zero. Avoid this crown. It’s a scam.

  7. My account is not usable as it is still pending verification after a month and an email exchange with support. I withdrew my funds over a week ago and still no sign of them in my bank account. And of course the fees for putting money in or taking it out have me out of pocket for the experience. Look for other trading apps.

  8. I made a deposit on March 9th and it has not shown in my account yet. I assumed they are just going to keep my money? Can anyone help me? Thanks

  9. Hello,

    I’m using eToro for few years and I faced not only with convenient interface and wide range of options for investing what is really good, but also I face with a difficulties connected with this platform. Let me describe some of them.

    1. First what is annoying is that sometimes positions closing before your my stop loss level. There were many times when it was the reason that I lost money. I don’t know why it happens, and I’m sure support won’t give you any clear explanations.

    2. Sometimes a support ignores your request. He does what he wants and does not pay attention to your explanations that this cannot be done in view of objective reasons.

    3. I witnessed how a user tried several of his personal cards to replenish an account, which were rejected due to the fact that the cards of this country are not supported. But then, six months later, etoro closed the ability to replenish an account for this user and demanded to provide the data of all those cards that were not used for replenishment. They were not used, but the site required disclosure of data. It looked like an absurdity and took 3 weeks to sort out this situation.

  10. I had some dealing with this broker a while back, on looking on here, I am very surprised that I still see reviews for this year, this broker supposedly went into liquidation about a year ago years ago. This foreign broker scammed a lot of people and also used other subsidiaries under their name to con people. Some of the investments that I have heard people loss is astronomical, I myself lost a good sum of money but got it recovered with the help of a recovery firm. If this company is still operating especially under this name, I strongly advice you don’t try and invest with it, and that if you’re already a victim of their fraudulent methods you can report at the registered to get you funds back, as I did.

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