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ITinvest – it is a broker that helps people make money in the financial markets by providing them with favorable conditions.

As an international broker and working with clients from different countries, we understand that each person is unique and has their own values, regardless of whether they are a trader or a partner. When our team designs company services, we take into account the diversity of cultures, nations, trade experiences and the requirements of our clients. ITinvest offers several types of trading accounts with a wide selection of trading instruments, and everyone can find the most suitable one according to their own preferences.

4 responses to “ITINVEST Review”

  1. platform keeps crashing. Because of this, most of the transactions are concluded on conditions that are noticeably different from those expected, those that were relevant at the time of the formation and confirmation of the contract. Traders complain about financial losses even with obviously successful trades. It often happens that a position freezes without being closed with a certain result, this state of affairs persists for several days. This does not allow the trader to really assess the situation, to understand what residual balance to count on when concluding subsequent transactions. A stuck order is opened unexpectedly and just at the time when it eventually leads to a loss

  2. Grandma invested. The Vostochny bank said that it opens a deposit at 13% for 3 years. Time has passed, the term has ended, the money is not allowed to be withdrawn. The man is elderly and doesn’t know what to do.

  3. Well, let’s start. In 2020, an old 79-year-old girl went to Vostochny Bank, where she was offered to deposit money at 10% per annum, due to her age, of course, she did not understand the contract. The money went into…

  4. ITI Invest has hereditary funds. The broker refuses to issue due to an indivisible unit. I am ready to refuse this unit, but the broker does not respond to the topic, does not give a specific appropriate answer to the accepted appeal 7 weeks ago (12/19/22), does not hear the client. Actually hinders clearance by holding and using my funds. It is absolutely clear that this organization is not focused on interaction, it is not advisable to trust them with your funds. I draw the attention of customers – you risk not getting your money.

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