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About company

The world’s most secure trading platform

Join the fastest growing global cryptocurrency exchange with the lowest fees around.

The complete trading essentials, unified in a single platform

Integrated orders for spot and margin

Set take profit, stop loss, limit orders, and more advanced order types for spot and margin in one unified order interface with up to 5x leverage.

Deep liquidity and order book depth

Ranteis offers best-in-class liquidity and order book depth allowing large trades to be executed with the least slippage.

Fully customizable workspaces

Customize trading trading canvases with drag-and-drop modules such as multi-charts and trading data widgets.

Zero-fee trading

Unlock zero maker and taker spot trading fees by staking your coins in any invest plan.

Trade futures with leverage

Futures trading and leverage will be enabled across a variety of major pairs.

Social trading

Learn from profitable trading strategies and emulate successful traders with a record of proven profitability.

4 responses to “RANTEIS Review”

  1. I don’t know how this garbage shop can lure, which has neither social networks nor contact details, does not disclose where its headquarters are. Given that she mentions the EU, she must be licensed and legally in the EU.

  2. I wanted to register on Ranteis, so I just enter my email, and it gives me that there is already a user with such mail – how can I understand this? I see this exchange for the first time, how can it be that my mail has already been used here?

  3. This is a cryptocurrency financial pyramid. Such returns as they offered in their staking do not exist, and never have been. All these daily and guaranteed interest in the amount of 1.3% to 2.6% is a financial pyramid, and there is nothing more to think about. This platform is pure hype and a scam, since it deceives people, passing off the usual HYIP investment rates for some kind of staking.

  4. A daily turnover of 1 million euros – how will they confirm this? There is no way, there is no platform on coinmarketcap, so they will not be able to confirm the turnover. These are just numbers on the site. How can a cryptocurrency exchange receive premiums and awards like a forex broker, and even in 2019 and 2020, when the platform appeared in 2023? Apparently, the creators of this scam used to swindle people through a fake brokerage, but now they scam people through a crypto-fake, and some details of the site were taken from their old resource. In general, Ranteis is some kind of scam scammer, I don’t think that you need to take risks and cooperate with this pathetic parody of the stock exchange.

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