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Website: whitebit.com

About company:

WhiteBit is an example of a successful financial project that has managed to combine accessibility, convenience and reliability. These are the three main qualities of a cryptocurrency platform that every potential client will first of all pay attention to. The whitebit startup received two licenses in Estonia at once and was registered there. These are licenses from the state that give the right to exchange processes and trade in fiat/cryptocurrency, as well as the storage of valuable assets of clients. The impressive fact is that about a year has passed since the inception of the company, and the trust in it is already higher than that of some of the main competitors (Exmo, LiveCoin, Kuna and BTC-Alpha). The whitebit project was created in early 2019 by Vladimir Nosov and a team of creative specialists. It is focused more on the user from the CIS, but is available in many countries and beyond. In addition to Russian, on the site you can choose English, Chinese and Estonian. But it should be noted that technical support additionally provides services in other languages, such as German, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese and Korean. You can get help in the Support-department every day and at any time of the day. The interface of the official site whitebit.com is understandable for beginners and familiar to experienced traders (there are configuration tools). For those who find it more convenient to make financial transactions via a smartphone, the developers have released a mobile application for Android and iOS systems. So far, 62 pairs with popular fiats and cryptocurrencies have been available for trading on the platform. Almost all valuable funds of crypto exchange users are stored in cold wallets.

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  1. This is where I buy my crypto and it’s so reliable.
    Selling with them is the best and I recommend that everyone look up to them

  2. It is an excellent website for buying and selling cryptocurrencies quickly and safely, in addition to the benefits it offers and good service. I recommend it 100%.

  3. I recently started trading cryptocurrency via the website Easily and Securely Trade Crypto. The process was incredibly simple, and their customer service was very helpful in guiding me through any questions I had.

    The price of the coin immediately after I purchased it was definitely more than what I had expected but overall this website is good when it comes to buying, selling, or trading. Their fees structures are also quite reasonable compared to other websites that I have used before.

    The overall user interface is relatively easy to understand and intuitive as well as the layout with no ads which is always a plus for me. You can easily see all of your transaction history at a glance, as well as make adjustments accordingly if you decide to modify anything regarding your current purchases or trades activity. The security features are also very strong given by them which makes me feel very safe while using this platform.

    Overall, I am really satisfied with using Easily and Securely Trade Crypto this website!

  4. I have looked at a number of other exchanges and dealt on one other and find whitebit easily the best. I also like it’s security features and regular feedback about any maintenance or issues.

  5. This site helped me a lot. Through it, I was able to buy some crypto that I needed in my work with ease. their customer service is also good.I really thank all those who run this site, it’s great

  6. Great platform, They have an fast and easy interface, even if you are a beginner, you can purchases crypto easily and securely. So I wanted to sell my BTC from this site. After I sold my BTC I got decent value on this website, Thank you very much for the good treatment, the response of customer service is fast too.

  7. Very nice interface, quite intuitive and user-friendly, especially for beginners too. I have had no encounters with bugs or validation errors so far which can be a problem for a lot of exchanges these days.

  8. Amazing, Even if you are a beginner, you may make crypto purchases there thanks to their simple and user-friendly UI. I therefore desired to sell my BTC on this website. Thank you very much to the website’s founders for their kind treatment, prompt customer responses, and assistance after I sold my BTC for a respectable price.

  9. This is a dependable website you can use to buy your crypto currency without any difficulty. Whitebit has really been helpful ever since when i got in touch with them. And through my great experience with them i fully recommend them to everyone. Thanks

  10. This site is a genuine site. Don’t be doubt about that. I usually use this site to exchange my crypto. It is very fast and easy. I did’nt face any issues while transactions. So the customer service of this site is amazing. They always help us to resolve any problem. Thanks. I recommend.

  11. this is the best cryptocurrency site I have ever used.
    I’ve been using it for a while and I always recommend it to my friends and relatives because it is very reliable to buy and sell, in addition to having many cryptocurrencies to invest and being able to trade in a very secure within the platform it also allows you to place bets with the coins you already have or buy them separately to do so.nowadays these seven became my main source of income because it has an investment that earns me a lot.

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