Real Estate Agency Red Feniks: Our Experience and Warnings

Red Feniks presents itself as an international company with sales offices in Montenegro, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey, UAE, Cyprus, and Northern Cyprus. The company’s representative office is located in the center of Moscow at Bolshaya Lubyanka, 13. Red Feniks promises a wide range of services, including consulting, assistance in organizing trips for property viewing, and complete legal support for transactions.

Services of Red Feniks

The company offers:

  • Consulting on any issues, including post-purchase assistance.
  • Offers of commercial properties, including hotels and hotel complexes, as well as primary and secondary residential properties.
  • Constant updating and expansion of the offer database with detailed information on each property.
  • Assistance in organizing trips for property viewing.
  • Full legal support for transactions and legal consultations.
  • Individual approach to each client and confidentiality.

Our Experience with Red Feniks

Despite the promises and wide range of services, our experience with Red Feniks was extremely negative. We contacted the agency for property selection abroad and faced several issues.

Delays in the Deal Process

One of the main problems we faced was significant delays in the deal process. Despite pre-agreed deadlines, the transaction process was indefinitely delayed, leading to additional costs and inconveniences.

Recommendations for High Commission Properties

Our agent recommended properties with high commissions that did not meet our needs. This indicates that the company’s interests prevailed over the clients’, which is unacceptable for a professional real estate agency.

Legal Issues and Incorrect Document Handling

Serious legal problems arose during the transaction due to incorrect document handling. This led to additional expenses for legal consultations and complicated the purchasing process.

Lack of Attention and Feedback

We also encountered a lack of attention to our needs and poor feedback. The agent was not properly involved in the transaction process, which negatively impacted our experience.

Refusal to Correct Mistakes

Despite all the problems that arose, the agency refused to correct their mistakes or offer a more competent realtor. This indicates a low level of professionalism and an inappropriate attitude towards clients.

Our experience with the Red Feniks real estate agency was extremely negative. We spent a lot of time and money but were dissatisfied with their work. Based on our experience, we cannot recommend Red Feniks and advise potential clients to be cautious and carefully choose their real estate agency.


When choosing a real estate agency, it is important to consider not only promises but also real client reviews. Our experience showed that Red Feniks does not meet the stated standards and is not willing to correct its mistakes. Be vigilant and thoroughly verify information before making deals with real estate agencies.

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Bolshaya Lubyanka st. 13/16 bld. 1

10 Replies to “Real Estate Agency Red Feniks: Our Experience and Warnings”

  1. Working with the Red Feniks agency in Montenegro was a real disappointment. The agent did not know the local market and offered the property at an inflated price. When we tried to understand the situation, there was practically no feedback. It felt like we were working with semi-professionals.

  2. Our experience with Red Feniks in Spain was extremely negative. We were promised professional support, but instead we were faced with bureaucratic delays and incorrectly completed documents. Very disappointed and do not recommend this agency.

  3. We encountered a similar story in Italy! Red Feniks did not live up to our expectations. We were recommended a property that did not meet our needs at all. After the deal, it turned out that the agency did not take into account important legal nuances, which created many problems. We have spent a lot of time and money resolving these issues.

  4. In Croatia they disappointed with their attitude towards customers. They absolutely did not listen to our wishes and tried to impose objects with a high commission. As a result, the deal fell through, and we were left without money and without real estate.

  5. The agent promised to organize everything quickly and without problems, but the process dragged on for several months. Every step had to be controlled independently, and the agency did not show any initiative.

  6. We were promised full legal support, but in the end we faced numerous legal problems. The agency in Turkey refused to admit its mistakes or help correct them. We absolutely do not recommend it!

  7. In the UAE it has shown itself to be an extremely unprofessional agency. The deal was constantly postponed, the documents were incorrectly completed, and we faced numerous legal problems. The agency did not take any responsibility for its mistakes.

  8. The agency did not show any initiative, and all issues had to be resolved independently. The quality of the services provided left much to be desired, and we wasted a lot of time and nerves.

  9. Our experience with Red Feniks in various countries has been extremely negative. Everywhere we faced the same problems: delays, incorrect paperwork, lack of feedback and insufficient attention to our needs. They gave me chances to correct past mistakes, but apparently in vain. We strongly do not recommend this agency.

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