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Ashridge Vehicles
Ashridge Vehicles


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Fourways Corner
Little Gaddesden

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About company:

We are a family-run business with over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of the motor trade. You’ll find a range of quality used cars that have been handpicked from around the country, with unique specifications and desirable features. We pride ourselves in providing a welcoming and personal experience to our customers’. Our experienced sales team will guide you through the buying process and help tailor the best deal to suit your requirements.

We are one of the largest independent Jaguar & Land Rover specialist in the UK, with over 50 JLR products in stock at any one time. Whether it be a sports model or SUV, we have something to suit you. Every one of our vehicles goes through a meticulous mechanical inspection which includes an ECU scan and thorough road test.

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  1. Hello fellow citizens, I am from Little Gaddesden and I felt as if I needed a new porsche for my collection, I was asking for some advice from a woman named Jenny. She told me to fuck off and called me Ligam, instead of Ligma (my government name), but nowadays they know me as L2Trappy. I was shocked at this event that happened to me. Thank you for reading my story. Saying that I am mortified, is an understatement.

  2. I found my dream car on the internet on Sunday and was driving it home on Monday. No fuss service with great care taken to look after me and my needs. Well done all!

  3. Our experience with Ashridge Vehicles after-sale service. We bought a 4 year old BMW i3, along with £400 “Williams Ceramic Coat” paint protection. After a few months, following a car wash, we found a scratch mark and peeling paint on our car. With no idea where it had come from, we assumed someone had scraped it and spent £250 to get it repaired. The next time we had a car wash, several more areas showed peeling paint and scrapes. These had not been there previously. It seemed clear that the car had a (cheap?) coat of paint over the top of some damage, and that the paint was quickly wearing away – unclear whether the dealership or the previous owner were responsible. I tried to claim on the paint protection which clearly hadn’t helped, only to be told that despite costing £400 and being called “paint protection” on the invoice, it didn’t cover this issue. Frustrated, I phoned Ashridge Vehicles. I was told by the person I spoke to that I should “email complaints” as they don’t deal with this kind of issue over the phone. He also said (I quote verbatim) that this “may be a problem, but it’s not our problem”. I emailed complaints in some annoyance, explaining the issue and concluding that we felt scammed. I got a very snippy reply from someone called James, saying that they had taken offence at the use of the word “scammed” and that my tone was not constructive. (The email was purely factual other than the sentence “we feel completely scammed” at the end.) Not very encouraging. I messaged back explaining in more detail why I felt this way, and including pictures as requested. I was emailed back saying that they couldn’t believe their colleague would say this, and that they would listen to the phone call (they never bothered of course). He then went on to say that in his and his colleague’s professional opinion, this was damage sustained during the months that we had been driving the car. In other words, his professional opinion was that I was lying about the damage appearing after a car wash. He then offered to make an appointment to look at it further. Since this would involve taking time off to make a 3hr+ round trip, to visit someone who had already made it quite clear that they had no intention of doing anything constructive or taking the issue seriously, I wasn’t happy with this. I emailed again asking how he could say that peeling paint was accident damage, and complaining about other aspects of his response, but was completely ignored. I have tried on multiple occasions to speak to James on the phone but been told “it doesn’t work that way” and that email (which he is now completely ignoring) is the only way my complaint will be addressed. In short : they have been rude and unco-operative. Fine to deal with if you want to buy a car, but good luck if you have any problems with it.

  4. We recently purchased a Ford Fiesta from Ashridge Vehicles. All the staff were very friendly and the whole transaction was very relaxed. The car was at a very competitive price and it was worth making the trip from Stratford Upon Avon to collect this little gem of a car. Thanks to all concerned.

  5. I recently bought a beautiful VW Touraeg from Ashridge Vehicles. It was a colour I had been looking for for some time, a nice pearlescent blue with beige leather interior. On my first day driving down to Plymouth the vehicle went into limp mode and to add to my bad day I hit a pothole wrecking a wheel and tyre to the value of £900 !! However I called Ashridge and they told me to call the AA under my warranty and the vehicle was recovered to them. Now I can honestly say that Ashridge would not have known about this issue, as I’m sure they don’t get into every vehicle they sell and drive it for 100 miles. This would not be practical for any dealer to do this. Fortunately I had still got my old car to use even though they offered to lend me a car. Within a couple of days they identified the fault as a sticking Turbo Activator linkage which they promptly replaced, the boss then drove the car 200 miles to test it. The car was duly delivered back to me and is running a treat, and as a gesture they put on the vehicle a new wheel and tyre to replace the one I had damaged. So overall I am most satisfied with the way they conducted themselves with this issue, no quibbles just lets get it done ASAP. Good management and customer service, so I am well pleased, Well done Ashridge !! as Arnie would say, “Ill be back”

  6. Spotted a car om their site Called them and i was asked to come a see it anytime at my convinience before i make any decisions Went same day Took me round to inspect Informed about all the defects on the car (had only come in the day before) and what they are doing to fix them (geetting parts etc, and they promised to get it fixed within 5days, but it ended up up being only 3days when i made tham aware a needed a car ASA practical MOT for 1yr, given 1/4 tank fuel (was almost empty during my inspection, serviced; Low rate APR for part payment;competitive price for a high spec car Friendly polite staff Would go there again next time!

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