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About company:

Launched in 2006, The Peter Vardy Group is a family run automotive business operating across Scotland. Our Retail business has 15 physical dealerships, and we are proud to represent exceptional marques such Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW and MINI. CARZ is our own brand of used car supermarkets, currently located in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Kirkcaldy, Motherwell and Perth. Peter Vardy Heritage, our classic car dealership, located in Edinburgh showcases some of the most iconic cars in recent history. In 2020 we opened our new state-of-the-art head office, Vardy Central which is home to our Digital Sales Division and our central support functions. 

Also part of the Peter Vardy Group are our digital businesses. CarMoney the online finance broker who work with some of the biggest names in the industry and SilverBullet is the software provider of choice for the automotive industry, who supported many groups during the 2020 lockdown by providing them a platform to be able to switch their operations to online whilst their dealerships were closed.

In April 2021 we launched our Peter Vardy Leasing business, providing industry leading leasing offers across all manufacturers for both personal and business contract hire.

Our aim is to be the Best Place to Work and the Best Place to Buy, with us winning awards in both areas in recent years.  Following the Covid Pandemic it has never been more important to look after our colleagues with our focus being our their Mental, Physical, Financial and Spiritual Wellbeing.  Each one of our 1100 colleagues are given a Mental Health MOT and access to fully qualified team of counsellors. This year see’s the launch of Net Better Off for our colleagues, with access to a range of benefits which are chosen by them to meet the needs of their lifestyles.

Our purpose is “We Sell to Give” and 10% of the group’s annual profits go directly to the Peter Vardy Foundation which support children and young people across the UK and worldwide. In 2020 we launched our new start up charity GenZ Leaders, an online leadership programme for all school children in Scotland, which begins trials in schools from August 2021. 

Our Just Cause is “Every life is worthy, the partner, the guest and those less fortunate” and we work together to ensure we live this daily through our characteristics and workstyles with 97% of our colleagues “Proud to work for Peter Vardy”.

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  1. Cannot believe this company can still be trading after all the reviews I’ve read and my personal experience matches all the one star reviews here. They tried to push their car out asap, proven legally, and the finance company ended up terminating the contract. Car had thousands of pounds of repair work required BEFORE leaving the showroom which they failed to do any of it. They also tried by switching allows on the car to cheap rubbish instead of actually refurbing the ones that came with the car. Utter disgrace and trading standards should get involved into their business practices. Seriously if you value your time and money, and generally getting what you buy AVOID PV Hillington.

  2. My husband and I went into CARZ Perth over a week ago now and applied for a Ford CMax on HP Finance. J, who did the paperwork promised to keep in contact with us and after two days, we still hadn’t heard anything, so we had to call her and ask for an update, this should of been our warning sign to leave straight away. The finance was accepted, we paid for the tax and a new insurance policy, setting us back over £100 and we were told we would get emailed all the information about the finance and the car from J later that day, this never happened and we had to call again to get this. Within minutes of taking the car away, we realised the fans for the air don’t work. We took the car back and they said they would order the resistor for the fan and let us know when it had arrived so they could fit it (still have no idea if it’s arrived as no one has bothered to call us). The next day we decided to drive to Ayrshire to see family, on the way there, the car came up with a red warning that the steering had gone, we lost all control of the car, nearly crashed and the car stopped. We waited over an hour for the AA to come and look at the car and they did a temporary fix on it. The following day, driving back to Perth, down the motorway, the car did it again, we were in fast moving traffic with our dog in the back and we lost all control of the vehicle again. It’s safe to say at this point, we were beyond angry and upset. We waited over an hour again for a recovery truck, who wouldn’t let our dog in the truck so we had the car removed and we were left stranded, in the dark on the side oft he road at 9:30pm. We were freezing and we had to wait over 1 hour 30 minutes for a taxi to arrive. We were cold, angry and our dog was petrified. Not to mention, my husband is a type 1 diabetic, this could of ended in a serious health emergency. If I had crashed the car and killed us, or even worse killed a family, how the hell would I have dealt with that!? and apparently your cars go under inspection before leaving the garage, I find that extremely hard to believe considering the fans weren’t even working when we got in the car. The following day we contacted CARZ again, spoke to , a sales manager there and he filled us with apologies etc etc and said that it would be fixed. We told him we didn’t want the Ford anymore and it needed to be removed from our property, as I write this email, the car still hasn’t been picked up. We cancelled the policy on the Ford and lost all the money we paid on the insurance. We went to CARZ in Perth and spoke to face to face and explained we would like another car. We found a suitable Peugeot and he said that we could have it, no problems with the finance as acceptance lasts for 30 days, and we could pick the car up the following day. We agreed to proceed and we were told everything would be fine, after forcing the warranty on us, and apparently giving us a goodwill gesture of discounting the warranty, so we go home and purchase a new insurance policy for this Peugeot as we cannot drive it out of the garage without insurance. Two days goes past and we have heard nothing, so yet again we have to call to find out what’s happened. We are told there’s confusion with the finance company as they think this is a second application for finance from us, even though it’s meant to be a swap. We received a call, stating that we may not be able to pick the car up yesterday (2/9/22) due to the finance problems like we had planned to at 5:30pm and it may be later. 5:30pm comes, we go to Peter Vardy and the car cannot be picked up, we are given a courtesy car, all well and good if we went to Peter Vardy to get a courtesy car, but we didn’t, we went there to buy a new car for our family! Today, 3/9/22, we are told we cannot have the new Peugeot as the finance company wont accept it, so we either accept the faulty Ford and give it to them to repair or give the Ford back completely and have no car at all. As someone who lives with someone who has disabilities, having a car is a NEED not a WANT and it is vital we have a vehicle. Tell me, would you like to spend £9,000 on a car that broke down twice in the first 3 days?!?! I THINK NOT! It is disgusting that we are being forced into ‘accepting’ this Ford, when we were literally led down the garden path and told the Peugeot would be ours. We purchased another insurance policy for it, which we now have to cancel, that’s another £75 down the drain! We are a young couple on a limited budget and so far in the past week we had forked out over £500 because of Peter Vardy! I am absolutely disgusted by the customer service we have received. NOT ONE PERSON bothered to call us regarding most of our issues. We have had to make every single call back to Peter Vardy Perth, what kind of company are you running?! Because of the appalling vehicle we were sold (Ford) we were left stranded on the side of the road for hours, with my dog and my husband who’s a type 1 diabetic AND STILL the manager couldn’t care less. The Ford is still outside my property, even if I wanted to keep it, no one has even bothered to come and look at it and fix it. You should be ashamed of how you treat your clients after a sale. I am now seeking compensation and I will take this complaint as high as possible and if it is not resolved satisfactorily, I will seek legal advice and also go to the media, this is not a threat by any means, just a statement of my intentions. I have photo evidence of us stranded, breakdown reports from the AA, receipts from the Insurance Policies and I will do everything in my power to ensure that this matter is resolved, a simple sorry isn’t enough to fix this now, I have been patient enough.

  3. I purchased a 16 plate Vauxhall Astra Design Sports Tourer 1.6 Diesel Design £8,150 with 26k miles from Peter Vardy Car Store, Hillington in November 2019. I pointed out several issues the day after collection including loose steering column. cracked windscreen, dangerously worn brakes creaking suspension to name just a few, which you would not expect from a reputable car dealership. The car has been back to the garage twice. Peter Vardy Car Store Hillington asked Peter Vardy Vauxhall, Edinburgh to undergo the repairs but the issues have still not been resolved. I am now experiencing new faults with the vehicle which is raising my suspicion as to the vehichles past history. Consumer Advice Scotland have provided me with three complaint templates in accordance with Consumer Rights Act 2015. There has been no response from all three letters even though I sent a copy to the CEO. This has been an ongoing battle over the last 5 months. Made numerous phone calls, every time nobody is willing to take ownership, promise a callback which never comes to fruition. There seems to be an inability to speak with the customer and their own dealerships. I took my previous car to Peter Vardy Vauxhall Edinburgh for a major service which cost £1500. It was a 62 plate Vauxhall Zafira 1.7 Design Diesel with 99,000 miles. I requested a cam belt replacement and was upsold a replacement water pump and auxiliary belt. Other than that the car was a very good runner. Picked my car up and the drive quality was completely different. The car was sluggish and after days I was getting an array of lights flashing on the dashboard and the car ground to a halt and would not start. The car had to be towed to the garage. Peter Vardy Vauxhall advised to repair the car would cost a further £3000. I was unable to pay this so they offered me a trade in of £1000. I have traced the car which has been bought by a small dealership in Cheshire which are selling the car for £3,750. I know car dealerships are required to make a profit but surely there is legislation for this extortion

  4. Having found this page I feel £100 is a fair price to pay for a refundable deposit that wasn’t. Was keen to buy a car from Vauxhall Aberdeen but no stock was available. I would have walked at that point but I was told I could leave a refundable deposit for a car that would need to be ordered in. When I came back in 4 days later to try and get my girlfriend in a car at the same time the original salesman was too busy but didn’t want to hand the sale to another salesperson. After waiting half an hour we left and my girlfriend felt a complaint was neccessary. Having asked for details on another car and an update on the delivery of my car which never materialised we looked at another dealership. The day the car came in I went to view it and decided it wasn’t what I wanted. Up until then Bobby had maintained that the deposit was refundable. After going to get back up in the form of his grey haired sales manager I was told the deposit should have been £500. He would have had authorisation to over ride this missold deposit, especially when told there had been bad customer service. In the process being rude and unhelpful. Hope you prefer the small change to a future. Lucky escape. VIP event worthy it would seem.

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