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Stroud Motors
Stroud Motors


Phone: 027 384 2787

Address:  556 Kaikorai Valley Road, Dunedin

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Stroud Motors is a local, family owned and run car dealership in Dunedin, providing you with the knowledge and expertise to help you purchase your next quality vehicle.

As a customer-centric brand, we are shaping the way you invest in your next vehicle by providing competitive prices, a range of choices and customer service that is a cut above.

Contact us through our website or come visit the dealership for a friendly chat.

4 responses to “Stroud Motors Review”

  1. I phoned to ask why a car I wanted is not offered with an MoT, and I was told I have to pay an additional £400 so that they can do it. Who in their right mind would buy a car from this place? When I remarked that plenty places sell cars with a one year MoT, he most arrogantly replied that he has 170 cars to sell and if I want I can go somewhere else. I certainly will!

  2. I’ve worked as a Business Sales manager for a number of years in the past and this was genuinely the most shocking display of customer service I’ve experienced! I called in advance to ask if they still had the particular car I was looking for, which was abruptly confirmed on the phone …after the 70 mile journey I was greeted by a seemingly friendly salesperson who told me to take my time and look over the car. Once I had spent 5minutes looking at it he sauntered back over and started the most patronising sales patter that came straight out of the 80’s. Literally zero questions were asked about what I was looking for in a car or even basic pleasantaries, it was as if he wanted this conversation over as quickly as humanly possible. He kept calling me by the wrong name, which I had to correct him 3 times. At the end of the spiel he refused to let me test drive the car as he irrationally and erroneously didn’t believe that I was serious about buying it…I just travelled 70miles?!! He tried to ask me to trust him and that he had already driven it and that it was fine, like I was supposed to say ‘oh you’ve got a point, just have a load of cash, I don’t need to see what it drives like’. “We’ve failed at the first hurdle haven’t we?” He exclaimed as he shook his head and walked away from me…I was furious.

  3. I have just got back from visiting Strood Motor Company after seeing a vehicle on Autotrader I was interested in. Once I looked around the car I was then told I would need to pay an extra £150 for some costs but couldn’t explain what they were plus £300 for warranty etc, after saying I would just take the car without the warranty, I was then told we only like selling cars are way, he come back to me with £150 for costs plus £150 for 6 months warranty. When I said once again I didn’t want the warranty he didn’t want to sell me the car and questioned if I could afford the car, to which I left.

  4. Buy a car here at your peril! As previous reviews state, they add the warranty cost onto the advertised price and then also insist that you sign to agree to take your car back for it’s 6 month service. I (maybe stupidly) thought this was part of the sale deal but they charged me another £50 for the pleasure! If you DO decide to buy from them, keep your fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong with your car! The year’s warranty holds no weight at all and they will do anything they can to get out of fixing the problem. I have 7 weeks left of the warranty and I’m STILL waiting for the faulty gear box on my car to be fixed after 3 visits over the past few months. They claim to find no fault and said it needed to go to a Fiat specialist. After being told that the Fiat mechanic wasn’t returning their calls I called him myself and got my car booked in for the same week. Funny that!!! I had explained the problem with the car to him and that it was still covered by the warranty. He asked that I left the copy of my warranty in the glove compartment for him. Strood Motor Co did actually take my car there for me and I have now been told that they had removed the warranty and told the mechanic that he didn’t need to see it until he had found any faults. As it stands today I am driving around in a dog hair covered “courtesy” car waiting to get my own car back. Strood Motor Company staff are rude, sarcastic and talk down to you with a laugh in their voice! And speaking to the boss doesn’t help as he is as rude as the rest of them! I wish that I had read the reviews on here before I bought my car and would now like to warn others of them. Avoid at all costs!!!

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