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Why choose BuyaCar?

Quality checked used cars

All our cars are thoroughly quality checked, are under eight years old and have less than 100,000 miles on the clock

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You can order online and have your next car delivered to your front door or purchase through one of our trusted dealers

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All of our cars include warranties and a 10-day money back guarantee, giving you confidence in your next car

3 responses to “BuyaCar Review”

  1. Flawless customer service until I started driving the vehicle I purchased a B-Max from BuyaCar last week, the process was as follows: 1. Found the car I wanted on their website 2. Paid the £199 deposit 3. Had a nice chat with the person I dealt with 4. Organised my finance through them – took minutes 5. Given a delivery date 6. Received the car on the correct date and in the condition that was promised. A painless experience and a very helpful sales / operations team – who ensured that my documents were returned within 24 hours and clearly have their fingers on the pulse. The only issue faced was with the delivery driver, no phone call 1hr before pick-up and I had to go and find him as he got lost (I don’t live in a big town). Then I started driving the vehicle and the experience turned very sour, Day 3: Tyre Pressure Warning Light: Stopped at a petrol station, found that all 4 tyres were woefully under inflated (10 PSI), not impressive. Day 6: Engine Oil Warning Light: Checked the oil reservoir, almost empty, I had to add over 1 litre of oil to get it back to the min level Day 7: Service warning Light: Vehicle needs a service Day 7: No Windscreen wash: Had to fill it up Phoned BuyaCar, was advised to email them with my issues, explained that I was not happy to wait with an engine oil light showing, they promised to get back to me. Called and emailed them 4 times before finally speaking with someone on Saturday who advised that the selling dealer had carried out all the relevant checks and carried out the relevant service, I pointed out that the document from the dealer said ” serviced to Ford standards” which my local Ford dealer said was worthless, I requested that BuyaCar pay for a new service, they refuse to do so. I cannot believe that with so many service related issues occurring in such a short period of time that they think its acceptable to email me today and try and fob me off, all for the sake of a £250 service. The fact that the telematics show the sequence of faults and that there was clearly a problem with the vehicle, it beggars belief that I am now having to fight to get a resolution. I will update this review once the issue is resolved.

  2. Bought a Range Rover for which he represented that a 2 year Landrover warranty was included. After purchase this turned out to be untrue. Life is too short to deal….

  3. Good customer service. My car was delivered as they promised. If you looking to buy your favourite car i would recommend thank you so much.

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