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We’re the UK’s largest car buying service and have helped over 3 million customers to sell their car since 2006. Our simple three step process provides our customers with a quick, easy, safe and convenient way of selling their car. Free from the hassles of private sale and the inevitable haggle of part-exchange. But believe it or not, we do more than just buy cars.

With over 700 employees and over 500 branches nationwide, we’re a pretty big team and there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes.

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  1. Want to receive an insulting offer for your car and have your time wasted. This is the place for you! Unfortunately this company are time wasters who use the old “bait and switch” method of business. We were offered an acceptable amount on the website and despite being 100% honest and detailed in the descriptions to allow them to quote accurately received a very much lower quote after inspection. The 1st quote they give you is clearly to hook you in then the inspection process is just an exercise in knocking as much money off as possible. Our car had already been rated as very good condition by 3 garages who had valued it but the We buy any car inspector managed to reduce the quote by around £700 but couldn’t justify when challenged what the reductions were for. He said there were a few small chips on our 11 year old car. Well done genius we had already told you this, 11 year old cars do have small chips, and they do not cost £700 to repair. As we don’t need the money we declined the offer and received a much higher offer elsewhere. I worry about the people that need the money though. I believe this business is set up to exploit those people who feel pressured in to taking the lower offers. The sales guy was using every trick in the book when we declined telling us prices were due to drop in a few days etc etc to try and add time pressure. This type of business practice is old, tired and exploitative and I hope they go the same way as Brighthouse and Wonga and similar companies that are untrustworthy and unethical in their business practice. Following my experience I read a very good motoring review of them that included an investigation in to them that showed only 4% of people actually receive the offer they were quoted. BE VERY AWARE & AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

  2. I can understand a valuation being lowered if a fault is found with the vehicle, but to spend 30 minutes inspecting the vehicle, finding nothing wrong, but still offering £500 less than the original offer is wrong and wasted my time. I will not be using them again.

  3. Before we visited the unit we were not advised of half the questions we had to complete. As a first timer selling a car in this way, not impressed with what we were not told before we arrived. As agent said overall good car but had to deduct price due to minor issues. Frustrated with some of procedure thankfully agent very helpful in explaining what was required. Once we had agreed the price the paperwork was straight forward and well explained. The eventual price was not much better then the dealer had offered so next time may go with the dealer if price not more with We Buy Any Car. Would suggest you ask more questions when giving the initial quote before we visit your site, we could get a more accurate quote. I may of missed these questions but make them clear – 1. any dents or scratches 2. Has the service book been fully completed? 3.How much MOT left on the car- this affects the price- did not know.

  4. The We Buy Any Car “guaranteed” valuation. Think of it as wishful thinking that is never going to be paid out. £9425 turned out to be £8400 in my case. If you approach on this based you won’t be disappointed. A few taps on the screen got it up to £8600. They must suppose that after wasting an hour of your time you’ll just give up. So approach with caution and expect to be talked into a much lower valuation. Still we can all just drive away which is what I did. A wasted 45 mins but educational on WBAC very dubious business practice. They must think we are mugs!

  5. The worst experience ever! I sold my car to wbac and its been a nightmare from hell, I booked my appointment online and took a day off work to drop my car off to a branch in feltham, when I arrived there was one member of staff in a small makeshift office in the middle of a cinema car park, as I pulled up the chap came out looked at the car, and then couldn’t find the vehicle on the wbac system which was odd as I had already been given a price online. wbac could not find my vehicle on their system (which they had already given me a price for which is why I agreed to sell my car to them) they tried to offer me £6,000 less than I was quoted online, I had to personally find the model on the wbac system which they did finally agree to pay me, the paperwork was done and I received a invoice with a promise to pay by the next day as I had paid for a faster payment so I left the car on their premises. Later that day I received a call from wbac stating that they required some more information i.e. my purchase invoice and proof of payment, I sent everything across and this is when my nightmare got even worse, wbac contacted me to say that they want to inspect the condition of the car and offer me a discounted price for my car, I rejected that option as I could have sold it for more to their competitors whom actually offered me more money for it, I requested that my car us returned to the branch I dropped it to in the same running condition but thats when all the communications stopped, I have emailed the talk to us now system atleast 5 times with no response other than a 1 line Email that I received after 3 days, and then when I replied I had to wait another 3 days for another 1 line reply, all I want is my car back so that I can get back my property, I have not been paid, my vehicle was dropped at wbac on 05/10/2021 and today is the 13/05/2021, I received a email yesterday to state that the vehicle has broken down and that it is my responsibility to collect the car at my expense from a British car auctions location in blackbushe, wbac are refusing to deliver my car back to me and have stated that I have sold them a car with historic faults when in actual fact I have a old bca assured report when the car was sold through British car auctions to the last owner and it was sold with no faults so I do not understand why I was told that the car had historic faults, I now have a car that is a non runner sitting in a auction site and it is now my responsibility to collect my car at my expense even though wbac took it there and the vehicle apparently broke down in their possession, I have emailed and called and called (they never answer any calls and have limited telephone numbers that you can call). Please stay away from this usiness or you will learn the hard way like I have, I am now instructing a solicitor to claim damages to my property

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